The New Disruptor - Learning Distribution System

There is a new disruptor in the learning technology landscape, a Learning Distribution System or LDS. There are two major ways that people currently access learning materials.  Learners pull what they want to learn or someone pushes what they want to have the learners learn.  Learning Distribution System (LDS) helps by pushing learning to learners. Our new LDS is the perfect way to share and track the usage of content you want to push to your learners.

For corporate clients where a learning management system (LMS) in in place, the LDS works in tandem with your LMS by allowing smaller groups the ability to push learning to their people and then provide a learning history to your LMS.  If you are a small business that can’t justify a full LMS, the LDS can help you track your initiatives.

The LDS will work with content from anywhere.  It can be a set of YouTube videos on workout moves for personal trainers to help their clients reach their goals.  It can be a TED talk on how your body language impacts sales for sales managers to help their team meet their quotas.  It can be a SCORM package that helps you meet legal standards for sensitivity training. If you can link to the content online, the LDS can help you push it to your target audience and track the completion.

The LDS is a tool that anyone can use and is accessible via the tools they already use on a daily basis. Typically, people are working in their email both personal and corporate.   Email is accessed at work on their computers, at home on their computers or tablets and even on their phones.  So rather than have the learner go to an LMS, the LDS will send the links you want directly to the learner’s email from you.  It will not be a system generated message but one that comes from you.

Your email will include links to courses which reside in your LMS, TED talks, SCORM courses, online articles, PDFs of pricing documents, YouTube videos of work outs; essentially whatever you want that your learners will be able to access via a link. Once you have done this, you will be able to view and export LDS reports to track usage of the content you pushed to your learners.

OutCons will be leading the way in LDS technology with a platform called Ayris.

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