Ayris: The First Learning Distribution System

Learning and employee development is an ever growing aspect in the corporate environment. Companies, managers and employees, all alike, are looking for E-Learnings to be more engaging, more gamified, and more impactful for their growth. Ayris is here to simplify the consumption of those learnings.

A Learning Distribution System is a disruptor in the learning technology landscape. OutCons developed this system based off various requirement-building sessions with clients while implementing other Learning Management Systems and platforms. OutCons’ team found a gap – a need to quickly and easily touch team members or clients - and decided to bridge that gap with Ayris.

Ayris is not here to replace your current LMS, but rather streamline the interaction between manager and employee, or employee and colleague. All you need to begin is a URL to the content you wish to share and a valid email address for the recipient. It is that easy.

If you are a larger corporate company, Ayris is a perfect fit with our Enterprise package, even if you have an LMS. Ayris can run in conjunction with your LMS while allowing smaller organizations or teams to run independent learning activities. If you do not have the budget nor time for a full scale LMS implementation, Ayris is ready now. Check out our various subscription based plans here.

Ayris can be used in a variety of ways, from an Onboarding tool to a team development aide.
  • An Onboarding buddy could push the new hire the important links and videos about the company or team.
  • A manager can have a more hands on approach to his/her team development.
    • Imagine wanting to send your entire team a Ted Talk, but it does not fit the requirements to be created in your LMS.
    • Ayris is here to allow that manager to push emails consisting of Ayris courses to their employees and track their completion.
  • If you need reporting captured in your LMS, we can integrate the system to send completions back to your learning platform.
  • Ayris can take content from virtually anywhere and assign it to any valid email address. Examples of learning content includes:
    • Online news articles
    • YouTube videos
    • TED Talks
    • Online file shares
    • Direct links to courses within your LMS
    • SCORM compatibility
Ayris allows you to surround this newly created course with customized exams, as well as course surveys for feedback.

To become a subscriber, please visit www.goayris.com and select the plan that best fits your needs.
  • You control who the end users are
  • You control the learning pushed
  • You control the reporting
If you have any questions, please reach out to support@goayris.com.