Make Ayris Yours: Branding in Ayris Now Available!

OutCons is excited to announce the ability to brand Ayris to your specific company color scheme and incorporate your logo throughout the system, including emails! 

As my company’s admin, I can now alter Ayris to have the same look and feel as my other internal products. After I upload my company logo, it replaces the Ayris logo throughout my Ayris domain. Which means when my contacts take an exam, answer a survey, launch a course, or access www.goayris.com, they will see my company logo and color scheme. To go even further,  the emails my employees and contacts receive, which are pushed from Ayris, will also have my company logo within the email.

We are very excited to announce this, and we hope you enjoy the freedom of customizing Ayris to fit your needs!

Below is a preview of the Branding options within Ayris.

Ayris Default Branding Scheme

Branding Ayris with Company Scheme
For more information on Ayris and our branding capabilities, please reach out to support@ayris.com. We hope to hear from you!