A Managers’ Guide to Onboarding New Hires With Ayris

As a manager, it can be difficult for me to find ample time to properly onboard my new hires and ramp them up to speed of the work environment. Whether my hire is a fresh college graduate or an expert in the field, there are always challenges. That is why Ayris has released a new functionality called Programs

I can now set up an onboarding program for my new hires using Ayris to push out specific content to my new hires along the schedule that I set up.

I hire people throughout various points in the year, therefore I want this be a universal hiring program. I am going to set it up on a timeline, meaning Day 1, 10, 20 and 30, content will be pushed to my newly hired sales associate. 

Below I outline the first month of my employees onboarding program.
  • On Day 1 my new sales associate, will receive a Welcome email with a link to our team page to view the teams structure, responsibility, and current project statuses.
  • On day 10 my sales associate, will receive a link to a PDF file containing our pricing strategy and overview documents.
  • On Day 20 an exam and survey is sent directly to my new hires email address along with a customized message.
  • On Day 30, as the manager, I receive an emailed report of my employee’s progress to date.

If I hire someone else in the meantime, I can assign them this program and their schedule will run independently of the first employee I hired, which is why I used a 1,10,20,30 type set up.

This is just one of many use cases for Ayris Programs.

Ayris schedule can be tailored to fit your needs. To schedule a demo, or to find out more information on Ayris Programs please reach out to support@ayris.com

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